Getting started with inventory tracking or asset management using Tracmor can be an inexpensive way to keep track of your items or supplies. Our low-cost, cloud-based program offers a cheap and easy way to organize everything in one central, secure place. This article outlines labels, printers, and scanners that are compatible with our Tracmor software plans.

Note that a scanner is not required to get started with Tracmor but can improve ease of use and user accuracy.

Also, if your items are already barcoded or labeled with a unique serial number then relabeling them is not necessarily required, saving you further money, and minimizing the budget required to start your tracking project. Your existing labels can be entered or imported into Tracmor using our handy template files found on every import screen in Tracmor.


Avery offers several different styles of labels including standard paper address labels, ID labels, extra-durable ID labels, water-resistant asset tag labels, metallic labels, tamper evident labels, and destructible labels all of which you can print on with your standard office laser printer. Note these are just standard laser printers. Your existing office laser printer may be sufficient.

For small, 3/4 x 2″ asset tag labels consider these options:

More label sizes and materials are listed here.


For a low-cost laser printer consider one of these options:

More compatible printers are listed here(page does not exist yet, please help)


Tracmor is compatible with most barcode and QR code scanners but here are a few that we recommend:

More QR code scanners are listed here.


Our program is 100% browser based so you do not need any special programs installed to use it or worry about if you are using the latest version. Log in from anywhere via a web browser using your custom URL on a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile without installing a single thing.

  • Tracmor Lite– 5 Users, 250 Assets, Unlimited Inventory, Unlimited Locations
  • Tracmor Basic– Unlimited Users, 1000 Assets, Unlimited Inventory, Unlimited Locations

More software plans are listed here.

Our asset management and inventory tracking plans start at just $19 per month for 5 users with larger unlimited user plans available starting at $49 per month and we offer discounts on annual plans. Get started today on a 30-day trial risk-free. No payments are needed to sign up and getting started just takes a few minutes.

To learn more about Tracmor, Contact us today. You can request a 15-minute live demo with one of our team members here or sign up for a 30-day free trial account here.