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Tracmor is the perfect online inventory management software solution for those who need a quick, straightforward tool that you can use from anywhere. Our browser-based inventory software allows you to log in from anywhere with an internet connection. Check your inventory levels, learn when your critical components were last stocked, manage shipments, create barcode and QR code labels or inspect how many supplies are available on hand now to take out at the touch of a few buttons.

Tracmor Inventory Management Features:

  • STOCK LOCATIONS: Stock and restock your inventory to increase the quantity available per location.

  • TRACK TAKE OUTS: Take out inventory to reduce the amount per location.

  • BARCODES: Use barcode labels to speed up data entry by allowing your users to scan the item being restocked or taken out.

  • QR CODE LABELS: Use QR codes to speed up restocking inventory or taking items out.

  • MOVE: Transfer your inventory between locations quickly using the move feature.

  • SEARCH: Search for available inventory by location, inventory model number, category, manufacturer, and other search options.

  • FILTERS: Store your commonly used search filters to save time later when performing the same search again.

  • SHIPPING: Track the quantity of inventory shipped to each location by type.

  • RECEIVING: Receive inventory to each location and automatically keep a transaction log of your incoming items as they arrive. Schedule receipts in advance for expected upcoming arrivals.

  • AUDIT LOGS: Automatically logs all inventory management actions by each user and keeps a running total of restocks and take-outs per location.

  • AREAS AND LOCATIONS: Create areas and locations to organize your inventory. Drill down to view specific quanity levels at each place.

  • USER PERMISSIONS: Assign permissions to users to limit access to certain locations or features.

  • NOTIFICATIONS: Receive email notifications when you are low on stock at a location or a shipment has completed.


Manage the Inventory Levels of Your Consumable Supplies

Tracmor Inventory Management is the perfect online, cloud-based software solution for managing inventory levels of your consumable supplies for emergencies like bottles of water, first aid kits, medicines, clothes, batteries, flashlights, lighters, matches, hand sanitizers, disinfectant cleaning supplies, protective face masks, water purification tablets, MRE meal ready-to-eat, canned food rations, and other items by location using a common barcode or QR Code to streamline data entry.

What about managing individual items?

Tracmor is also great for assigning unique identification numbers to each item using the alternative asset management feature. This is better for organizing objects like tools and equipment where you require the current status of each specific item.

Get Started With Online Inventory Management Using Barcodes or QR Codes in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create Inventory Types

Create a new inventory type for each kind of item you plan to keep in stock with email notifications.

Step 2: Stock Locations by Quantity

Enter the quantity available at each location or import the information using our handy template.

Step 3: Take Out Stock

Perform take outs to reduce the quantity available at each location.

Search Inventory

Search for your inventory by category, manufacturer, location, model number and more.

Inventory Reporting

Query your inventory data using our handy built in reports or create your own!

Audit Your Locations

Use our inventory auditing tools and immediately pinpoint any discrepancies in quantity levels.

Get More Features for Less With Tracmor

All Tracmor plans include both inventory management and asset management features for one low price.

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