Education asset tracking software raises the bar for your school’s level of efficiency. Schools have a lot of assets, such as computers, laptops, tablets, calculators, books, furniture, televisions, and more. So being efficient in handling all these assets not only saves time and money, but for those in the education sector, it also means having all the tools needed to succeed in the classroom.

Asset tracking software will help manage the assets you have at all times. And efficiency isn’t the only benefit that comes with it.

Improve the Security of Your Assets

Do you have assets that you allow your students and staff to check out? With the world’s ever-evolving advancements in technology, it has to be a core part of education. That means allowing students access to things like computers, laptops, and tablets.

These items, purchased in bulk numbers, take up a big chunk of your budget. This is exactly why you should want to monitor them throughout the year. Who has checked out a laptop? Who has returned it? This is what you should know at all times.

With education asset tracking software, you can easily monitor every time an asset gets checked out by someone. And if it doesn’t get returned, you know who the responsible party is. This keeps the user accountable and it gives you extra security in always being able to track your assets.

Decrease Unnecessary Spending

Speaking of not knowing where your assets are, losing assets means having to spend more money. If your school purchases tablets as textbooks for students and they don’t get returned, then you will have to purchase more for the next school year. The same holds for any electronics.

For those trying to use their resources wisely, re-purchasing items with each new year is just not an option.

With an education asset tracking software system, you will no longer be faced with this dilemma. You will know who is responsible for not returning the item. Again, this system will hold students and staff accountable for the items they have checked out – and it will save the school from unnecessary spending.

Plan for the Future

Being prepared for the future helps the workdays move by much more smoothly. With an asset tracking software system, you can plan. This system will allow you to monitor your assets when it comes to things like issues or faulty equipment and updates or maintenance.

If a batch of your items needs to be removed from circulation for IT purposes, then you will be able to view this change in your tracking system. If items are getting old or showing too many signs of wear and tear, you will be able to recognize this with a glance, too.

Being able to track the health of your assets allows you to plan for the future. In other words, if many of your laptops are becoming outdated, then you know next year you may want to account for a laptop purchase in your budget.

Manage Across All Departments

An education asset tracking system allows you to streamline the entire asset distribution process. There is not one room or one person who handles this, but rather a school-wide program that monitors it. Anyone in any department can view the status of certain items. Let’s say your chemistry classes are going to require some scientific calculators for an upcoming unit. By signing into the asset tracking software, the department can easily see what’s available from the math department and plan accordingly.

Having everything in one centralized location reduces the need for extra emails, phone calls, waiting for responses, and so forth.

Budget Reporting with Ease

Nearly all school administrators loathe budget reporting. However, it is an absolute must every year.

While an education asset tracking software system will not wipe away your need to do budget reporting, it can make the job much easier. With the click of a button, you will have all the numbers you need regarding your assets. No longer will you have to take manual counts or spend hours adding up numbers. Everything is in one spot and is updated to the minute.

Tracmor Can Bring the Benefits of Education Asset Tracking Software to You

There are so many benefits of education tracking software. But here’s what it all boils down to — school administrators and teachers want the students to have everything they need to find success in learning, but the administrators need it to stay within budget by maintaining healthy equipment.

If there was one thing that could make all of this happen, it’s education asset tracking software. To learn more about it, contact Tracmor today. Or, sign up online to schedule a free demo.