Automatically logging inventory restocks and take-outs gives you an advantage. You will be able to check your inventory levels, know when your critical components were last stocked, see when shipments are coming in, and so much more. 

Unfortunately, many businesses are in the dark when it comes to these things thanks to outdated inventory techniques. For instance, if you were asked how many of XYZ you have in stock to take out right now, could you answer? How quickly could you get that answer? 

If you are on the fence about inventory management, maybe knowing how you automatically log inventory restocks and take-outs can help guide your decision.

The Importance of Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential for the success of any business – especially those in box retail and e-commerce. It is the one thing that will always ensure you are fulfilling your orders as they come in, in a timely and accurate manner. This will help you grow your business while also stressing an even greater need for inventory management.

With a successful inventory management system, you can: 

  • Accurately fulfill orders
  • Increase warehouse productivity
  • Become more efficient in your ordering and planning, based on demand and trends
  • Boost your levels of customer satisfaction

But inventory management does not just stop there. It can help you with your warehouse organization, too. After all, what good is knowing how much inventory you have if you cannot track it to know where it is?

What are Inventory Restocks and Take-Outs?

Inventory restocks and take-outs have to do with managing your inventory. It is about refilling products that are running low so that you can always meet demand. And that means you can order more so you have them in stock or you can take out inventory at one location and restock it elsewhere.

The clearer visibility you have over your inventory, the better you can manage it and be prepared.

Automatic Logging for Your Inventory Restocks

When you invest in inventory management software, you are allowing your business to run more efficiently, saving yourself time and money. In order to know where your business truly stands with its inventory, you have to be able to see the restocks and the take-outs. You simply cannot know that you need a restock if you can’t see the inventory you have in stock. And that means you can potentially not be able to meet demand. 

Automation brings transparency to your inventory. 

So how do you automatically log inventory restocks and take-outs? With inventory tracking software. 

You will be able to organize your inventory based on the type and be able to know where it is, how much you have, who last moved it, and so on using an identifying barcode and the software’s dashboard. You will also be able to print reports, run audits, and review trends so you know when you may want to have more stock on hand. And you don’t just see your inventory in your warehouse, but in all your locations, too. It is truly the best way to stay on top of your inventory needs.

Inventory Management Software from Tracmor

Tracmor offers powerful online inventory management software that gives you the most effective way to monitor and automatically log all aspects of your inventory, including your restocks and take-outs. Run your business with clear visibility. 

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