Every office or warehouse is going to have some amount of consumable goods that they require to get through the course of a regular business day. For instance, these could be office supplies, packing supplies, uniforms, cleaning supplies, and so forth. 

Keeping everything well-stocked when you are in one location isn’t too tough. But when you have multiple locations each with different usage amounts/requirements, it can be next to impossible to know who needs what. 

Yet, without the consumables, a business can come to a halt.  

How do you successfully manage consumable supplies across multiple locations? Track them as you would with inventory management

Use a Tracking System

Managing your consumable supplies is much easier when you use a tracking system. A software program that allows you to monitor your supplies can give you all the insight with just a quick glance. You will know when you are running low and when you should reorder. 

This gives you visibility of the supplies at every location all at once. 

Know What You Are Tracking

Before you can start monitoring the supplies at each location, you have to know what you are tracking. Create a list of the consumable supplies that are used. Be detailed about it, including the name, description, SKU, location, purchase price, how many you have on hand, at what quantity you would typically make an order, etc. 

Keeping it in order like this makes it easy to put into a tracking software program.

Have Consumables Updated in Real-Time

It will not do you any good to look at a report that tells you what your supply level was last month, last week, or even yesterday. To know where you stand right now, you have to be able to see your data in real-time. 

It is important to maintain tracking software that will give you the exact supply level in each location when you need it. If you need to know what is available right now – and where, your dashboard should be able to tell you. 

This is the only way to successfully manage consumable supplies. 

Routinely Perform Audits 

Performing audits regularly to know where you stand is easy when you have a tracking system in place. With the click of a button, you can see the levels of your consumable supplies at every location. 

The right tracking software will allow you to run reports and see trends so that you can set alerts when reorders need to take place. 

Store Consumables Where They Are Needed

When you are able to manage your consumable supplies across multiple locations using tracking software, you can take steps to get things better under control. For instance, storing consumables where they are needed. 

Each location may consume its supplies within a different time frame so you always want to ensure that they all have what they need based on their use. Again, with the right tracking software, it is easy to monitor usage trends and plan accordingly. 

Manage Your Consumable Supplies with Tracmor

Tracmor allows you the opportunity to monitor your supplies in real-time, run reports, and watch trends so that you can easily manage them at every location. 

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